Online survey templates

Below is a list of online survey templates that you can use with Interceptum. We will post as many templates as we can, so check back often to see what's new.

Product Usage Online Survey

A short 9 question online survey on product use and satisfaction.

Web Site Evaluation Online Survey

A short 7 question online survey to obtain information from web site visitors on how and how often they user a web site.

Customer Satisfaction Internet Survey

A short web-based survey on the level of customer satisfaction with a company's products and services

Law Firm Client Satisfaction Online Survey

A short 7 question web-based survey on law firm client statisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction Internet Survey

A 15 question web-based survey to gather perceptions of employees on their working conditions and their level of satisfaction with their jobs.

Class Evaluation Online Questionnaire

A short class evaluation online questionnaire that evaluates both the class and instructor. The questionnaire also contains a few demographic questions.

Post Graduation Online Survey

A short 5 question online survey on the post graduation plans of students.

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