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Detailed description of features Free Basic Advanced Team Enterprise


Easy-to-use graphical interface to design web-based surveys (English & French) x x x x x
Unlimited responses per survey Max. 100 x x x x
Unlimited number of questions per survey Max. 10 x x x x
Multiple types of questions: x x x x x
  • Multiple choice
  • x x x x x
  • Categorical (select 1 choice)
  • x x x x x
  • Ordinal (ranking)
  • x x x x
  • Free form text
  • x x x x x
  • Custom fields (date, time, dropdown list, tree list, calculation, file, link, colour)
  • x x x x
  • Image selection
  • x x x x
  • Likert scale (rate statements)
  • x x x x x
  • Matrix (data table)
  • x x x x
  • Repartition (spread total amount in different categories)
  • x x x
  • Drawing (draw on a blank canvas or over an image)
  • x
  • Slider (select a numeric value using a defined step)
  • x x x
  • Control (allows two different persons to complete different parts of the survey)
  • x
    Ability to divide the questionnaire into sections and display the section name in text of the questions in the section x x x x x
    Customized introduction messages for your surveys, including rich text, images, and videos x x x x x
    Customized conclusion messages for your surveys, including rich text, images, and videos x x x x x
    Bilingual and multilingual surveys (single survey in multiple languages) x x x x x
    All languages supported (unicode characters and UTF-8) x x x x x
    Randomize the order of questions to reduce bias x x x
    Include images in your surveys. x x x x
    Include downloadable files and documents in your surveys. x
    Display questions based on the answers provided to previous questions by using skip logic x x x
    Dynamically change the text of a question based on the answer provided to a previous question by using answer piping x x x
    Assign points to answers in categorical, multiple choice, and Likert scale questions. x
    Create survey scores that include the points for the questions included in the score. The scores can be weighted. x
    Customize the look and feel and brand your surveys with a logo and colours. A colour scheme and logo can be defined . x x x
    Display a survey completion progress bar to indicate how much time is left to complete the survey x x x x
    Make some questions mandatory to ensure each participants provides an answer x x x x x
    Generate printable versions of your surveys so that they can be completed on paper x x x
    Use a custom survey URL, for example x x x
    Using Automatic Fields, you can add fields to the questionnaire that will be automatically populated by seeking a value in the query string of the current URL, in a cookie, or in a Javascript variable. For example, the unique identifier of the logged in user who completes the survey can be automatically populated x
    Set a date input format the survey. The supported formats are "yyyy-MM-dd", "dd-MM-yyyy", "MM-dd-yyyy", "yyyy/MM/dd", "dd/MM/yyyy", "MM/dd/yyyy", "yyyy.MM.dd", "dd.MM.yyyy", "MM.dd.yyyy". x
    Set a maximum amount of time (timeout) to answer a question. Once the time is up, the participant cannot change his or her answer x
    Set a maximum amount of time (timeout) to complete a survey. Once the time is up, the participant cannot no longer answer questions in the survey x
    Use a search and replace function to quickly change text in a survey, the questions, reports, invitation message templates, etc. x
    Archive surveys to hide surveys without deleting historical data x


    Provide access to your surveys by a web link, email, Twitter or Facebook x x x x x
    Send survey invitation emails with unique participation codes that can only be used once to complete the survey x x x
    Send survey reminder emails to the participants who have not yet completed the survey x x x x
    Define invitation message templates to use when sending email invitations or reminders x
    Schedule email invitations for a future date x x x
    Setup automatic email remainders to participants that have not yet completed the survey x
    Send anonymous survey invitation emails that prevent responses from being associated to a particular participant, but still allow to track how many participants have accessed and completed the survey x x x
    Specify your own unique participation codes such as employee numbers or student numbers x x x
    Import participant lists and pre-populate answers in the questionnaire. The imported answers can be piped into other questions and used in the invitation emails x
    Easily re-invite participants who have not completed the questionnaire by sending them an email x x x x x
    Use the anonymous mode to ensure that no participant information is stored with responses x
    Use the kiosk mode to make the survey automatically restart at the beginning when allowing participants to complete the survey from a public work station x
    Setup responses quotas to automatically stop collecting responses once the number of participants whose answers meet the quota criteria reaches the quota's threshold. x
    Prevent multiple responses based on personal information fields. For example, a phone number can only be entered once to complete the survey x
    Automatically stop participants from completing the survey when their answers meet the termination criteria. A customized termination message can be defined. x x x
    Redirect participants who completed the survey to a custom URL. x x x
    Conditionnally redirect participants who completed the survey to a custom URL. Only the participants whose answers match the specified criteria will be redirected. x
    Generate certificates of completion sent by email to participants who have completed the survey. x
    Chain surveys one after the other. Only the participants who completed the first survey and whose answers match the specified criteria can access the chained survey. x
    Set a survey password to protect access to your questionnaire x x x
    Use QR codes to provide easy access to your surveys on printed material x x x x x
    Use customized survey URLs for your surveys x x x
    Receive email notifications of responses when your survey is completed by a participant x x x x
    Allow participants to save their work and complete their responses later. A reminder is sent to the participant by email x x x
    Allow participants to download their answers in PDF format x
    Allow participants to upload files with their answers x
    Deploy your surveys via an intercept (web site popup) x x x
    Fully accessible graphical user interface for individuals with disabilities (Government of Canada Common Look and Feel and United States section 508). Interceptum follows the following industry standards for accessibility: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.0/1.1 x x x x x


    Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption (also known as HTTPS) with strong encryption and SSL certificates with 2048 bit keys for all data collected. x x x x x
    Activate / deactivate your surveys to control access x x x x x
    Control access to your surveys based on the current date (surveys are only accessible within a specified date range) x x x
    Control access to your surveys by ip or by blocks of ip addresses. You can either only grant access to or deny access to certain ips x
    Password protect your surveys x x x x x
    Require that a CAPTCHA be completed to access a survey to prevent bots from completing it x x x x x
    Confidentiality of responses since they are hosted in Canada and are subject to strong privacy laws x x x x x
    Two Factor Authentication to secure your account against authorized accesses x x x x x


    View results in real-time as soon as responses are submitted by participants x x x x x
    Generate basic quantitative reports that present the results in graphics and tables x x x x x
    Generate customized quantitative reports that present the results in graphics and tables x x x
    Customize quantitative reports to group responses based on categories of participants (ex. male and female, by age group, etc.) x x x
    Generate cross-tabulations ("pivot tables" in Microsoft Excel) to analyze results broken down based on the responses provided to different questions x x x x
    Generate survey points reports to analyze survey scores x
    Generate question points reports to analyze points allocated at the question level x
    Generate text reports to analyze open ended questions and "other" options entered by participants x x x x
    Export all responses directly in Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS/GNU PSPP, CSV, or XML format x x x
    Download all files associated with survey responses in a single operation x
    Make reports public so that they can be accessed by the public. The reports can also be protected with a password x x x
    Select your time zone in your user profile to see system generate date/times in your time zone. x


    Create up to 10 user accounts with access to their own surveys and responses x
    Create user groups for easy management of access to surveys and responses x
    Assign different survey access permissions for users and user groups (editing, inviting participants, analysis of results) x
    Consult the complete history of changes made to surveys and questions for user accountability x


    Obtain technical support via email by sending questions directly from the Interceptum application x x x x x
    View online training videos x x x x x
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