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Web Site Evaluation Online Survey


Welcome to our web site evaluation survey. This survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Your answers will help us improve our web site to ensure it meets your needs.

Personal Information
First Name:
Last Name :
Survey Questions
[01. Visite Frequency]
1. À qu’elle fréquence visitez-vous notre site ?
Once a day
Multiple times each day
Once a week
Multiple times each week
Once a month
Each year
Multiple times a year
Its my first visit
[02. Session length]
2. On average, how long does your visit(s) to the site last?
Less than 1 minute
Between 1 and 5 minutes
Between 5 and 15 minutes
Between 15 and 30 minutes
Between 30 minutes and 1 hour
More than 1 hour
[03. Probabilities]
3. What is the probablity that :
You will visit this site again
Plutôt improbablePlutôt probableTrès improbableTrès probable
That you will recommend this site
Plutôt improbablePlutôt probableTrès improbableTrès probable
[04. Functionality]
4. What functionality brought you to the site?
[05. Improvements]
5. What improvements should be made to the site?
[06. Learned about]
6. How did you learn about our site?
Search Engine (please specify)
Another web site
Newspaper or magazine article
Friend or colleague
Advertistements (please specify)
Ne sais pas/Ne me souvient pas
Autre (please specify)
[07. Rating]
7. Overall, how would you rate the quality of the site?


Thank you for completing our web site evaluation survey.

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