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How Enterprise Feedback Management Can Benefit Your Organization

The business world is constantly changing and the internet has a catalytic role in ushering these changes. In their efforts to better satisfy clients, organisations have always resorted to collecting feedback and then analysing it to improve their services and products. But the internet has drastically changed the way feedback is collected and used through Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM).

What is an EFM?

EFM or enterprise feedback management can be defined as online survey software which is used to consolidate the collection, management and use of feedback throughout your organization. An EFM is a tool that enables your organization to integrate customer feedback directly into your daily business operations.

Companies are increasingly adopting Enterprise Feedback Management to gain insights into clients' attitudes, preferences and opinions.

What are the benefits of EFM?

Enterprise feedback management systems provide several benefits which is makes them popular amongst organizations.

  • You can obtain information to develop a better understanding of the opinions and needs of your customers and business partners
  • This understanding can help your organisation optimize your business processes
  • You can produce efficient products and services that your clients will embrace
  • Improve the quality of your products and services based on continuous feedback
  • You can react in real time to negative feedback in order to lessen the damage

Why should you opt for EFM?

Before EFM became available, companies used to collect customer feedback using manual paper-based methods. You may wonder why you should use EFM.

The answer lies mainly in the gain in efficiency and cost reductions

1. EFM consolidates the feedback which enables your organisation to collect customer feedback more efficiently and through several touch points

2. EFM enables you to automatically collect feedback after each interaction a client has with your organisation

3. EFM reduces the amount of time it takes to complete feedback cycle which consists of collection and analysis

4. EFM enables you to collect feedback for a fraction of the cost of other methods

5. EFM enables you to react in real time to feedback

Previously organisations depended heavily on traditional polling methods to get feedback. Telephonic polls were the most reliable ones and were extensively used. But now organisations are shifting towards online surveys which are faster and cheaper.

The web survey has become the first choice of most of organisations. Online surveys have several benefits over the traditional methods.

The online questionnaires can be used to reach out to a larger number of customers and are much cheaper and quicker. Respondents to Online surveyscan decide how much time to devote and when to take the survey and hence give thoughtful and accurate answers. Sensitive questions can also be asked, since no human being is querying participants are not intimidated. Thus, your clients will more willingly provide negative feedback on your organisation.

Thus EFM systems have become a preferred choice because they can reduce costs and boost your organisation's operational efficiency.

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