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Benefits of Online Surveys

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How Interceptum can help market research & consulting firms

At Interceptum we are experts in the development of advanced survey technology. By using our technology platform instead of building and maintaining their own, Market Research and Consulting Firms can concentrate on their core competencies and make significant savings in technology costs. For the cost of hiring a good software developer for a single week, you can use the Enterprise Version of the Interceptum platform for a full year.

Our platform is very flexible and can be customized in a multitude of ways to fulfill specific requirements your firm may have when conducting studies. Our team of software engineers has many years of experience developing cutting edge web applications that are easy to use.

Can we use our own analysis software?

The Interceptum online survey platform enables you to export all the data that is collected. The data is exported in .csv files which can readily be opened in all major spreadsheet and analytics software packages. By exporting the data collected via Interceptum, you can analyse the data in your preferred analysis software.

Can we use our branding with Interceptum?

If you use the Enterprise Version of Interceptum, you can apply your corporate identity to the intercept and survey windows seen by the participants in your studies. You can customize all the colors of the windows and you can include your logo at the top of the windows.

Can we be a reseller of Interceptum?

If you intend on using Interceptum for many of your client projects, it would is advantageous to become a reseller. We will offer you volume discounts and other incentives. Contact us for more information on becoming a reseller.

Case Study: Pharmabio Développement

Pharmabio Développement

Pharmabio Développement Sectoral committee of labour in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, is a non-profit organisation that brings together employer associations, corporations, unions, and governmental organisations.

The sectoral committee of labour supports and advises industries partners and education partners in the development of solutions. The objective of its activities is to provide all its members with tools, programmes, and information. The committee plays an important role in the collection and analysis of data and the analysis of trends in the pharmaceutical sector.

We worked with Pharmabio Développement to conduct a study on the labour market conditions in the pharmaceutical sector. When they approached us, Pharmabio already had its questionnaire that it had used in previous years. Pharmabio was looking for a new provider of online technology to be able to conduct its study and chose us. The study is conducted with high level executives that have detailed knowledge of their organisation's current HR situation and future HR situation.

What we did for Pharmabio Développement

We started by creating the online version of their questionnaire. The questionnaire includes complex skip logic that determines what questions a participant must answer depending on the type of organisation they represent.

The study questionnaire is quite long and takes a lot of time to complete. Because of this, Pharmabio asked us to add a feature that would enable participants to save their progress and resume completing the survey at a later time. We delivered this new functionality in approximately two weeks.

Next we sent out the email invitations to their participants. We closely monitored emails that could not be delivered and reported back to Pharamabio so that they could determine a valid email address for these participants.

Finally, we exported their study data in coma separated value (.CSV) format and sent it to them for analysis.


"Since 2009, the Pharmabio Développement Sectoral committee of labour in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries uses the online survey platform Interceptum in order to conduct an annual study of the labour market in this sector. This important study on the needs of these industries defines the future requirements for human resources and at the same time defines the requirements in training in order to maintain a high level of competence of the professionals in these sectors.

The technical support provided by Interceptum has made conducting this study a lot easier. Interceptum created the online version of our questionnaire according to our complex and demanding requirements. Their development team added the ability to save the questionnaire and to resume responding at a later time. They created the complex skip logic required by our questionnaire, and updated the questionnaire year-over-year. We particularly appreciate the dynamism and timeliness with which their technical support team responds to our questions and demands."

Suzanne Turbide

Pharmabio Développement, Laval, Québec, Canada

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